Frequently Asked Questions

The most common questions about how our business works and what can do for you.

Who is the developer? Team Lisaiceland
Can I upload any corporate/org/govt images? Vaxx card images or any other image that's allowed. See types when uploading.
What is your roadmap? We're adding features all the time. We are adding next the ability to export users' unique vCard links so that you can upload it into your gatekeeper systems. More iss coming soon. Stay tuned in!
How much is the UNLIMITED everything plan cost? Please send us a message and we'll respond with current pricing. It ranges from $299/499 per month depending on the load for vaxx users or vCards creation.
Who creates the QR codes? You as an company, organization or government entity will create the user who is vaxx'd and generate his/her vCard. When you go through the creation workflow per user i.e. enter name, MRN, which vaccine they took, who administered the dose and dose or test number, our system generates a unique QR code and an unique database record number.
How can I communicate with you? Please send us an email or a support ticket.